Wednesday, 26 October 2011

collection - my lipsticks ♥

I'm definitley a lipstick girl :) I usually wear nude colours but during autumn and winter I come out of my rutt and warm to purples, reds and deep colours. My skin is usually porecelain white, so now and again I enjoy being a bit playful with my dark colours! I collect lippies, and here's where I am so far, give and take a few. I've lost my Viva Glam Gaga lipstick and Ravishing (sniff sniff) but you get the general gist i'm sure! Here goes -

(Left- Right) 'Lovelorn', 'Plink!', 'Peachstock', 'Captive', 'Chatterbox' (I ordered this baby online, and it arrived broken.I wasn't a happy princess that's for sure!)

 'Rose Maiden L/E', 'All Styled Up L/E' (identical to my Viva Glam Gaga!), 'Fabby', 'Girl About Town' (This is much brighter than it looks ;) , 'Creme de Nude'

'Snob', 'Win-Win' (This is a dazzle lipstick, which are no longer sold), 'Overtime', 'Faithfully Yours', 'Unlimited' (Pro lipcreme lipsticks - My favoutite lipsticks from Mac!)

'Hue', Bobbi Brown Lip Colour - 'Sandwash Pink' (Kate Middleton's Wedding Day Lippy!), Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Colour - 'Blue Raspberry', Soft Blush L/E, BB Treatment Lip Shine - Rosy'

Estée Lauder Pure Colour Gloss Stick - 'Pink Sorbet', Estée Lauder Pure Colour Lipstick - Coral Kiss (The perfect coral for me!), YSL Rouge Volupte - '2. Sensual Silk'

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipsticks - '812 Delicate Pearl', '338 Midnight Plum'. '530 Fatal Red'

Natural Collection Lipsticks- 'Rose Petal', 'Crimson', Rimmel Shine Temptation Lipstick- '169 Starry Eyed'

Barry M Lip Paints - '101, 147, 129' (My lippaints always seem to break easily, does anyone else have the same problem?), GOSH Lipstick- '108 Cute', Collection 2000 Extreme colour lipstick- 7 'Mudslide'

Elizabeth Arden Exceptional Colour Lipsticks - 'Red Door Red', 'Cherry', 'Smooth Mauve'

Prices R.R.P-
MAC Lipsticks - £13.50
MAC Pro Longwear Colours- £15.50
Bobbi Brown Lip Colours- £18.00
Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Colours-£18.00
Bobbi Brown Treatment Lipshines-£18.00
Estee Lauder Pure Colour Gloss Sticks- £18.50
Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lipstick- £19.00
YSL Rouge Volupte- £22
Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipsticks- £7.19 @ Superdrug
Natural Collection Lipsticks- £1.99
Barry M Lippaints - £4.49
Elizabeth Ardens Exceptional Colours- Around £15 (I got mine in a set last year for my birthday)

And there you have it! Bare in mind that I did get a relatively good discount on high end products when I was working as a Make-up Artist, but I love collecting lipsticks of all types. My favourite lipstick of all time is probably 'Creme De Nude', but I do love all of my colours! Any reccommendations of lipsticks I should try or opinions on my colours? Do let me know :)

All my love, Orla.

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