Friday, 18 November 2011

i am a glamour girl ♥

I've been reading 'Glamour' magazine for quite a long time now and apart from 'More', its probably the only magazine that I'd buy every issue of. Its a chunky magazine, with plenty of fashion and interesting stories, as well as amazing beauty product features. However as much as I love the actual magazine, one thing I adore about the magazine is the free gifts that they occassionly give away. Last year they kindly gave us a selection of benefit products, such as the 'Eye Bright' pencil or the 'Bad Gal' eyeliner which I believe are usually around £15 each, and a few months ago they also featured luxury samples of the amazing 'Benetint, Posietint and High Beam', three veryyyy popular products in the beauty world which I think retail at around £20 each.

For the December issue of Glamour, they have teamed up with the fabulous 'Nails Inc.' to bring us four free gifts, which usually cost £11 each. The magazine is only £2, so I decided to pick up all four.  Not only are they full sized products, but they are of outstanding quality and the colours they have chosen are truely wearable. Here are the beauties in all their glory. (apologies for the grubby finger marks on the bottles! eugh)

(L-R: Piccadilly Circus, Tate, Victoria, Basil Street)

I am in love with all of these colours! 'Victoria' is the only one I'm yet to try, but it's my favourite shade, sort of a reddish black. I'm wearing 'Tate' at the minute which is also beautiful, here's a picture of it on. Excuse the state of my poor damaged nails due to the overuse of falsies!

Such a pretty shade of red! I bought all of these polishes for £8, which is a whopppping £36 saving if i were to buy these beauties from Nails Inc! Thanks Glamour, awfully kind of you :) Anyone else majorly impressed with these gifts, or have any colours they can recommend from Nails Inc?

If your not lucky enough to have 'Glamour' where you are, you can also buy the lovely colours here:

Lots of Love, Orla

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  1. I would usually buy any magazine with a good free gift but this time I resisted, not sure why as you can never have too many nail polishes!!
    Ashlie x