Sunday, 20 November 2011

introducing my new baby - poppy the puppy! ♥

This is a rather random blog post for me, but I just couldn't resist showing you all the new addition to my family. I've wanted a puppy for soo long, but having little small brothers in the house always proved difficult to manage with any pets. Now my youngest brother is 4, and we decided that there was nothing stopping us getting a little pup. and what a great decision thats already proved to be! We had to drive for around 2 hours to get poppy from a lovely lady who was selling 5 puppies - all girls. Choosing which one to take home was awful, I wanted them all! But i decided to bring home this little girly! My boyfriend decided 'Poppy' was a cute name for her :)

Poppy is a cross between a 'Pomerianan and a Lhasa Apso and she is 11 weeks old. She's an adorable little ball of fluff! We've had her for a week now and I love her to bits, shes such a good little pup. She's getting spoiled rightly, and so should anything that's that cute.

If you'd like to know anything else about little Poppy do ask :)
Lots of love, Orla and Poppy!


  1. Thank you! :) She's like a little teddy bear. Thanks for following Kirsty :) xxx