Tuesday, 6 December 2011

it's that most wonderful time of the year ♥

I'm a big child at christmas. I'm one of those people that annoys everyone with their christmas spirit, and sits and watching the santa clause in plaid pjamas with a cup of hot chocolate.I love being festive and decorating everything to make it christmasy and fun! I'm lucky in that I have 3 brothers who still believe that santa is walking across the roof on christmas eve with his elves and reindeers delievering their prezzies.

I always decorate my room by putting a tree up and getting my christmas yankee candles (I'm currently in the process of doing this as I blog) but I thought I'd show you some of the cute decorations mum has put up around the house. 18 days till christmas, yay! My mum likes to decorate with all little handmade things that we've made or brought home over the years which makes me love it even more.

Does anyone else have any weird little decorations at Christmas time?
Stay safe everyone!♥
Much Love, Orla

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